HSDP - Episode 004, Support for the Homeschool

June 6th, 2007

This week we tackle the issue of supporting the homeschool.

  • Emotional Support
  • Physical Support
  • Time Support
  • Financial Support

Listener feedback line is 206.888.4484 or e-mail at TheHomeschoolDad@Gmail.com

HSDP - Episode 003 The Homeschool Vacation

May 31st, 2007

Pack your bags and join me this week as we discuss the homeschool vacation. What is it? A time to have fun with your family while educating at the same time. It is a vacation with a purpose.

Thanks for getting this started

May 13th, 2007

Just a couple of words of thanks on a couple of things. First, thanks to my family for encouraging me after the fact (I didn't tell them I was doing it until it was published). Next, thanks to Podcast Themes, they provided the "bump" music that starts the beginning and end of the podcast. Cool stuff, wish I could play that well!

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